Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Safety First

Here at SERVPRO we do not leave our machines in the way. Safe keeping of our equipment is always our goal. We train our team to create a safe zone around every equipment so no person or animal gets hurts.    

Suiting Up!

When dealing with very old houses, we never can tell how they where built. Lead based paint, asbestos and other agents, that are known to be harmful could be used.

Railroad safety training

Here we see our team at a training for railroad safety when working near railroad tracks. SERVPRO of Cheviot Hills/Palms prioritizes safety over anything else! As you can see by their faces, they had a blast

SERVPRO is prepared

SERVPRO has an arsenal of machinery and supplies so we can take on as many jobs as possible. Not one job is too big for SERVPRO of Cheviot Hills/Palms