Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Extraction Service

As you can see in this picture there is a significant amount of standing water. The customers contents were also damaged. SERVPRO of CheviotHills/Palms completed the water extraction and dry out.

Moisture detection

This is a picture of a moisture reader clearly showing the high levels of moisture being detected in the flooring. Notice also that there is standing water present. SERVPRO of Cheviot Hills/Palms completed the water mitigation.

Old Pipes

Rusty Pipes can lean to many harmful bacteria growing inside them. When you drink water out of the tap you risk ingesting all sorts contaminates. Water Pipes should be replaced every 30 years or so. Using a water filtration system is one of the better things you can use to help keep yourself healthy.

Safety First

Every job requires to wear protective clothing. This job required masks and a protective suit. The affected area was contaminated with mold and Bio-hazards. If you need our help call SERVPRO today.  

Always Check Window Seals

Windows tend to leak water during a storm or when your are washing them with the hose. Proper window seals are necessary to keep out drafts and water. SERVPRO will always take the time to look at all the effected areas as well as areas that could cause problems later.  

Water Extraction

SERVPRO of Cheviot Hills/Palms emergency crew was called to the rescue when a building in Los Angeles suffered a flood. Our emergency mitigation service truck was used to extract the water and made it "Like it never even happened."