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What To Do If You Encounter Biohazard Contaminents

6/10/2020 (Permalink)

Biohazard contaminents are very dangerous and can pose serious health risks. SERVPRO prides itself on the expertise of our teams in how to safely deal with these issues while using their training, protective gear and special equipment that homeowners don't have. Two f the most common biohazard scenarios encountered are sewer backups and flood water. If you encounter any type of hazardous contaminants its important to decide whether its safe to stay in the house. We encourage our customers to try and stay out of the areas affected and call emergency service personnel. SERVPRO has a 24 hour call service and will always be there to help, do not hesitate to call.  Our experts will come and assist you as soon as possible to ensure your safety along with your home's safety.