Recent Before & After Photos

Commercial Water Loss

This commercial water loss for a furniture store located in Huntington Beach, CA was the result of an electrical fire which caused the sprinkler system to be ac... READ MORE

Commercial Pool Clean up

This is a commercial water loss at a professional building located in Los Angeles, CA. Notice in the before picture the extent of the water damage; it affected ... READ MORE

Fire Loss LA

This is the aftermath of a fire that originated in the kitchen of a home located in Los Angeles, CA. Notice the extent of the damage that affected nearly the en... READ MORE

Learning how to cook

We all have that coming of age moment where we move out on our own and have to cook our own meals. Accidents happen, stuff burns, But when you answer the phone,... READ MORE

Soaked Restaurant

After a storm here in Los Angeles everything floods. There is nothing we can do about it. From the roads not draining to buildings being flooded. It is going to... READ MORE

Storm/Sewage build up

Crawl Spaces are notorious for collecting water and trash. It is important to check your crawl spaces with a flash light once a month. You should check for weak... READ MORE

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging catches all the temperature changes. Before we have a cold moist wall where the vent was leaking. After the Demo we where able to find the leak ... READ MORE


This home located in Hollywood, CA suffered water damage. As you can see in the before picture a large portion of the ceiling was affected as well as the surrou... READ MORE

Kitchen Flood

This homeowner in Los Angeles, CA experienced water flooding from the kitchen supply line, which damaged the entire kitchen flooring and cabinets. After drying ... READ MORE

H&R Block Water Damage

This particular job was a local H&R Block that suffered from water damage that had happened nearly a month ago. Even though the damage had happened so long ... READ MORE